Soireé Entertainment is a continously growing agency, developing a wide range of emloyment opportunities all across Australia.

Initially being Gold Coast and Brisbane based, we have now expanded our services across Melbourne, Cairns, Townsville and Toowoomba. This has resulting in us looking for more girls in these areas interested so they can be involved with Soireé Entertainment.

Our values are simple, we want to deliver the best possible service to our client while making each job as fun as possible. To achieve that we need to build up a strong team of Waitresses and Showgirls.

If you believe you got what it takes to join the Soireé Entertainment Team in one of our advertised areas email or text us your application today.

Applications should include a few sentences about yourself, any previous employment or involvement in Adult Entertainment, details regarding what services you are available to work, details regarding what area you will be able to cover, stage name, contact details and lastly a few photos suitable to send clients.

We are looking forward to hear from you,
your Soireé Entertainment Team

Employment Contact details
Phone: 0467 640 391
Email: [email protected]